Protech Roofing specialises in all services relating to terracotta and cement tiled roofs. Protech Roofing’s services include:

Roof Restoration

Protech Roofing specialise in restoring old weathered terracotta and cement tiled roofs back to their original condition. A roof restoration will not only ensure safety and protection for your home for years to come, but will greatly improve the appearance of your home and raise the value of it immediately.

Re-Bedding and Re-Pointing

As your protection from the elements above, roof tiles require maintenance over time. Re-bedding and re-pointing is the process of resecuring your roof cappings in place and waterproofing your roof with the latest flexible acrylic pointing mixture.


If your roof has faded and is visibly weathered, Protech Roofing can respray and reseal the old porous surface of your tiles with an exceptional weather-proofed 3 coat sealing system. This results in an elongated life for your tiles as well as improving the appearance of your house with our great range of colours.

Pressure Cleaning/De-Mossing

Pressure cleaning will remove all dirt, moss and fungi from your roof leaving it looking like new again.

Other Services

Rusted and Leaking Valley Replacement – A leaking valley (the section of the roof where the tiles intersect at an angle) can cause damage to your roof and its structure if not fixed properly. Protech Roofing can replace your valley to provide protection for years to come.

Gutter and Downpipe Replacement – Protech Roofing are specialists in replacing old broken and leaking guttering and downpipes. We use the latest materials such as Colorbond and we offer a wide range of colours to match your house.

New Roofing – New roof installation using the toughest and most advanced roofing systems on the market to protect your home from all sorts of weather conditions.

Roof Repairs – We can replace broken or damaged terracotta and cement tiles which can cause leaks and damages to your home.